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Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Mark Puente moved to Guatemala in 1989 where the Dia de la Muerte folk art influenced his multicultural style. He attended Colegio Maya through 1995 and returned to Boston in 1996.

For the past 13 years, he has been a successful freelance illustrator and graphic designer in a variety of settings, including the underground Boston scene and several commercial enterprises. Known for his unique and inventive style, he has created a broad collection of products, ranging from CD covers and fliers to magazines and print advertisements. His recent educational experience at The Massachusetts College of Art has strengthened his skills and solidified his desire to create within as many mediums as possible, be they marketing layouts or web designs.

He has returned to Guatemala to follow his heart and continue his work within the commercial sector as well as the underground culture. His exceptional range gives him the ability to design clean, direct and unique logos, as well as abstract, edgy and eye catching poster art. His ideas are open and lucid, and he is able to rapidly adapt to and enhance the needs of his clients.